About Us

Dr. Adel Yousry Dental Clinic, one of the biggest specialized clinics in Dentistry field.

Presents the highest level of medical service, by using the latest medical technologies.

Prepared with the modernist equipment and devices, which fits the global quality standards and the regulations of infection control.

Provides the medical service in the field of dentistry for all ages (adults & children), through a group of distinct medical cadres, represented by a staff of qualified and well-known doctors in the different disciplines of dentistry.  



Integrated dental treatment .. The secret of its true beauty


The beauty and luster of teeth starts from treatment .. The health and comfort of the body starts from the health and beauty of teeth

Our Services

Dr. Doaa Barakat

Oral and Dental Medicine Specialist

Egypt, Cairo

84 Umm Kulthoum Street, beside the National Cancer Institute Hospital 1st Compound, New Cairo

+2010 699 222 45
From Sunday To Wednesday From 06:00 PM To 09:00 PM



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أزرع أسناني ليه؟؟ سؤال لابد من الإجابة عنه

لو مزرعتش أسنان مكان المفقوده

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تساوي تقلها دهب

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تقويم المظهر بتقويم الأسنان

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صحة أسنانك .. سر قوتك

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